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Our next news is about Zoom. Zoom brought out a very new and important feature

Source: Zoom

Our next news is about Zoom. Last week, Zoom brought out an important feature into Zoom Meetings, which is called Focus Mode, that is aimed at reducing distractions. This mode basically allows the participants and the co-host to see each other’s video without seeing the video or screen-share of other participants, so that students, for example, can just focus on what the teacher is saying and what the teacher wants them to see, instead of seeing everybody else and what others are doing. Especially in a classroom setting or an event setting, this can be helpful because people are less distracted and they’re focused on the content.

If you have been using Zoom, you know that this facility is already available in (Zoom) Webinars. But this time Zoom is bringing it into Meetings. And the important thing is they are bringing it into the Free plan! So you don’t have to have a paid plan. Because when you’re using Webinars, you have to pay for it. But now you can use that feature inside Meetings itself. It seems like a useful, important feature that could be very useful for many ministry applications. So do pass it on to your technology team.

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