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Our next news of this week is from YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Our next news is from YouTube. And it is about you having the ability to reach people who watch YouTube on a larger screen, like a television screen. Youtube announced that they are bringing ‘Video action campaigns’ to CTV – Connected TV audience. What does this mean? This means that you can now have a video campaign that plays on a larger television screen and it will have a link at the bottom, a URL at the bottom, which people can use as a CTA, call-to-action. So, they can look at it on the screen, but without stopping what they are watching, they can actually look at the URL and then use another device to actually visit that URL and continue to do what you want them to do – like typically for e-commerce. But Ministry-wise also, you can lead people to new areas. For example, you can lead them to a resource page, or a donation page, or a support page for your nonprofit.

There are lots of ways in which you can use this. And the big announcement is this: this campaign, which is very powerful, is now part of the Connected TV audience, which is a combination of YouTube audience, and Google Video partner base. So it basically widens the scope of the kind of people that you can reach using this campaign. If you use ads on YouTube for reaching Connected TV audience, this is something definitely you do want to have a look at.

Note: This news item is part of the weekly news show, The Connected Church News, that collects the Top 5 Digital and Social Media News each week for leaders of churches, ministries or christian nonprofit, and presents it to them in 5 mins.

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