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Last week, YouTube announced that they are experimenting with adding ‘automated’ video chapters to the videos that are uploaded.

Source: YouTube

If you’ve been following our news, you would know that we announced earlier this year that video chapters was a new feature from YouTube where you have the timestamps. Have you seen YouTube videos where there are timestamps? And you click on the timestamps in the description and the video will actually jump to that particular location? That way you can choose which title or which topic subtitle within the video that you want to listen to. You can just go to different portions of the video. Now, they are trying to get that (process) automated.

I think it will be a big blessing to especially to non-profits and ministries who have long videos, teaching videos, sermons, and other long-form content because then you don’t have to sit and create those timestamps one by one. The announcement says that they are using “machine learning to recognise text, in order to auto-generate video chapters… We are testing this out with a small group of videos”. So hopefully this will be released by YouTube very soon.

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