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Our next big news of this week is from YouTube.

Source: YouTube

It’s about a new interesting feature that they’ve started testing called Timed Comments. Have you ever looked at a comment on your YouTube video and wondered, “What is the context of this comment? Why is someone saying that”? Most of the time, if you have a long video, people are watching the video and at a particular time, they look at a particular clip or a sentence or a message that you’re sharing and they make the comment based on that context. Sometimes by itself the comment looks out of place. But if you look at it along with that clip, on that exact moment the comment was made, then it makes a lot of sense, right? So now YouTube is bringing that feature and it’s called Timed Comments.

YouTube says “we are currently testing a feature that allows you to view comments timed to the exact moment you’re watching, in a video”. If you’re part of the test group that they are releasing this to, they’re releasing it to a smaller group, if you are part of it, you will see that in your YouTube app – Apple or Android mobile app. In the comments section, go to your settings filter and you will see an option called ‘Timed’ in beta. See if you already have it. If not, it will come to you soon.

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