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Our next big news of this week is from YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Our next big news of this week is from YouTube. Last week, YouTube Ads team announced that they are launching “video experiment options” within Google ads. Video experiments is a new feature that will help you experiment or test video ads. Any advertising option that helps you test and experiment with something is a good thing, because when you start advertising, it’s very difficult to know which ad will work for which audience. There are so many variables. You need to know what resonates with your audience. And for that, you need to spend time testing. If there is an option within the ad manager to help you do that testing, then you definitely should look at it.

Please pass on this message to your social media team, or your advertising team, and ask them to have a look at this new option, which they will find inside the ‘Drafts and experiment’ tab in Google Ads. It will be a tab option called video experiments. The three experiments that Google recommends are: CTA (call-to-action) based experiments, text experiments and also framing experiments, like zooming in, zooming out kind of a thing. It’ll be very useful when you run ads on YouTube for any video ads inside YouTube.

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