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Our next news is about YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Last week, YouTube released an important tool that could detect and stop copyright violations. If you find a copyright violation, and if you lodge a claim with YouTube, now you have the option to select a tick box that asks them to prevent other people from uploading copies of this particular video on YouTube in the future. That means, you are not only claiming that particular copyright violation, but you are also saying ‘don’t let others make more copies’, so that you don’t have to keep doing that (claims) in the future.

This has been one of the problems in the past in the platform, and YouTube is trying to address that, which is great. Also YouTube says that to avoid people misusing this, if anyone files a false claim, then YouTube will actually remove this particular feature from their channel, and eventually the channel will be banned. So that way, people wouldn’t misuse this. YouTube is also saying that they’re working on improving the process of copyright claims. They are bringing in a couple of new features.

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