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Our next important news is from YouTube. YouTube released new comparative tools inside analytics. Last week, they talked about how you can use these tools.

Source: YouTube

One is called Dot Plots, which sounds very interesting to me, because what it does is, it helps you take all your videos that you posted in a certain period of time, put them in one graph as dots, and you can select “how did all these videos do in the first 24 hours after they were released?”, or “How did all these videos do in the first 7 days after they were released?”, things like that. Then you start seeing this graph with all these dots, and you can see how your audience is responding to a certain type of content, and what content does not work very well.

Then suddenly you get clarity on what content you need to be focusing on – what type of content you need to produce that’s resonating with your audience. They also have a comparative tool in which you can place 2 videos side by side. Quite useful tools. I definitely recommend you pass this on to a social media team so that they can analyze and come up with ideas for content.

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