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Our first big news of this week is from YouTube. Last week, YouTube announced a very interesting feature called Clips, which is currently under testing.

Source: YouTube

But once released, this could become a very useful feature, especially for ministries, churches, nonprofits, because we are all about long messages sometimes, right? For example, take a church. You have a long sermon on YouTube. And if you want to get a clip out of that sermon, a highlight, a section that you want to use. For example, if you are talking on a particular verse, and you wanted to pick that section, you had to go to your video editor, you had to follow a big process, that’s how you do it now. But when Clips is released, you can actually go to your YouTube video, select that particular portion, and YouTube will actually generate that clip for you, and give you a unique URL from that video itself.

This can be done both with recorded, and with live streams. Imagine that! It has a huge potential with live streams. So you can basically select a portion of that live stream, and then you use that clip URL on social media to promote that particular video. I will link to the details that YouTube has given, definitely check it out if you use YouTube for your ministry in any way, which you should. Definitely check out this feature and see if you can start using it once it’s released.

Note: This news item is part of the weekly news show, The Connected Church News, that collects the Top 5 Digital and Social Media News each week for leaders of churches, ministries or christian nonprofit, and presents it to them in 5 mins.

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