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This news is from YouTube.

Our first big news of this week is from YouTube. Earlier this week, YouTube announced the official launch of YouTube Shorts, the TikTok competitor feature from YouTube.

Source: YouTube

This gets released as an early beta, with basic TikTok-like features, which includes a multi-segment camera that can put together multiple video clips, this has speed controls, it has a timer, and the ability to add music. So all the basic things are ready to get started. This is something that’s very interesting, especially with YouTube’s millions of user base and the announcement saying that these videos are easily ‘discoverable’ on the YouTube homepage inside the new Shorts shelf. So there’s going to be a section for short videos – Shorts, as well as across all the other parts of the app.

Even though this camera, the ‘Shorts’ camera, is being released as a beta version only in India at this point in time, if you are outside India, YouTube says you can still upload short videos. If you have a vertical short video, you ought to shoot them vertically for 60 seconds, up to 60 seconds, you can upload it and you can add #Shorts in the title or description so that YouTube can add it to this section. Very interesting move.

I highly recommend you check it out. I know nonprofits and ministries use video and YouTube a lot. So this is a big opportunity for you to enter that short segment space. If this is relevant for your ministry, definitely check it out.

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