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This news is from YouTube.

Our next news is from YouTube. Earlier this week, YouTube Music team announced that they are releasing new features for TV.

Weekly Digital, Social Media & Technology News for Nonprofits, Churches, and Ministries: YouTube Music on TV gets new features.

Source: YouTube

YouTube Music has been rapidly adding new features and integrating their services into various devices and products, including Google Smart Speakers, Google Home, their Nest product, and even inside Google Maps and Waze (Yes, Youtube Music is actually integrated into Waze). Now, they are adding all YouTube Music features on TV. It’s interesting to see how YouTube focuses a lot on television users because obviously, they’re seeing the data of how much people use their TV screens, larger screens at home to consume not only video, but also music.

It’s an interesting trend for ministries and nonprofits, especially because we are audio-based, right? There is a lot of audio content with ministries. So it will be interesting to see how people consume your content on YouTube Music in their television sets at home.

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