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Source: YouTube

Last week, YouTube announced that they are bringing a new package called 4K Plus, to YouTube TV subscribers. It is not just an advanced viewing experience in terms of resolution 4K, but it’s also coming with innovative features, which is actually what got me interested in the story in the first place. Even though this focus of the story is more on sports entertainment, because all the announcement related to this new features are related to sports, at this point, I think it’s a trend that is going to come to a wider range of content, especially content that is being watched by people on a big screen.

For example, one innovative feature that YouTube is talking about is the ability for people to go to a particular selected section of a program. Now, this could be useful from a ministry-educational-teaching-content perspective. They’re also bringing this feature, where you can get additional information about that sport, for example, for a country, you can see how many medals that country win, etc. So it is not just video, but it’s a contextual information added to that video content, which could be very exciting when it comes to educational teaching material, which most churches and ministries are going to be involved in. Of course, all this will come to us in the future. But looking at the trends is something that’s exciting.

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