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YouTube releases a new audio ads option. 

YouTube news

Source: YouTube

Have you ever listen to YouTube on an audio-only mode? Especially when you’re listening to YouTube music, you don’t want the video playing. You just select the ‘audio’ option on top. When maybe you’re doing something else, you are in the kitchen or you are driving or you’re doing something else, you just want to listen to the audio. I do that even with podcasts. So now for those users who are opting into the audio-only option on YouTube or on YouTube music, YouTube is releasing audio ads.

The announcement says, “To help you tailor your media and creative approach to different ways consumers are engaging with YouTube, we are introducing audio ads, our first ad format designed to connect your brand with audiences engaged and ambient listening on YouTube”. If you are interested in using audio ads, definitely check out this announcement. You can reach your ministry audience using audio ads on YouTube.

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