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This news is from YouTube.

Our first news is from YouTube. Last week, YouTube made announcements about simple but important user-experience features that they are bringing to the app.

YouTube adds new features, including a list view for chapters, with thumbnails

Source: YouTube

The first thing is about chapters. If you know, we already talked about chapters earlier, where YouTube lets you divide your YouTube video into different topics that you’re talking about. And lets the user jump to that section. Eg: If they want to go to section no.3 of your video, they can straight go there without having to forward it. That is the ‘chapters’ feature. Now, that chapters feature gets a ‘list view’, which means the viewer can look at the list of all the chapters along with the thumbnail. That’s what makes it interesting. It makes it visual.

So people that can look at a visual thumbnail and then move to different chapters. They also brought in small improvements, like the ability to switch on captions. It is becoming much easier with the buttons going to a different place. And they also made it easier for people to swipe up and down when they want to go from a landscape mode to a portrait mode to watch a video.

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