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Source: YouTube

Last week, YouTube announced that they are allocating $100 million fund for YouTube Shorts creators. This is a fund that is not just limited to YouTube partner program community, but it’s basically open to all. The announcement says that “…anyone is eligible to participate in the fund as long as they create Shorts that delight the YouTube community”. As you know, YouTube has been focusing a lot on Shorts, simply because of the growing popularity of TikTok.

All companies are looking at ways in which they can compete with TikTok and move the users from TikTok to their own platform. And YouTube is the one that’s very well positioned to do that. This announcement also carries details about some of the new features that YouTube is bringing to Shorts, which includes a remix feature that allows you to remix audios from videos across YouTube, which includes billions of videos. You can basically take a YouTube video… audio from a YouTube video and remix it in your YouTube Shorts.

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