World Vision had invited me to speak to their ‘Young Staff Members’ from across the nation about ‘Marriage, Family & Relationships’ as part of their Annual Staff Conference.

They had conducted an opinion poll internally to select the topic that most interested these young people and the result was ‘Marriage & Family’! Why am I not surprised?!

One of the biggest factors that determine the success or failure of working professionals today is ‘Family & Relationships’. The dynamics of relationships is so complex that many have tried to understand it and have finally given up. We have drug addicts, under performers & quitters in workplaces around the globe because they have unstable families & destructive relationships.

So, I was excited to have the opportunity to discuss about this (and I must admit, younger audience are my favorites!)

We had a lively discussion, in a beautiful hall in Padappai, about the following topics:

– Principles of Creation of a Family

– The Model Family

– Manipulation & Control issues in families

– Stimulus & Response in Relationships

– Principles of LOVE

– Tips for Finding your LIFE PARTNER (for single staff)

– Guidance for success in relationships

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