When I look at this photo, I can’t help but think about what a beautiful place our offices would be, if all of us had this attitude in our workplaces – ‘My work is LOVE made VISIBLE’!

If all of us realise that our work is nothing but an expression of our love & care towards others, then we would be better workers & performers. Our drive & passion will come from within & not from outside. Let me give you some examples:

1. A person working in an automobile company (as a mechanic) should realise that everyday he goes to the factory to make better vehicles which will keep his customer safe on the roads. He should think that his work is the expression of his love towards his ‘customer & his family’. And an expression of his love towards his employees, company, coworkers & even suppliers because by doing his job well, he makes all of their lives better.

2. A person working in a software company (as an Engineer) should realise that everyday he goes to his office to make better software that helps the users be more productive. He should think of his work as the expression of his love towards his end users.

So on and so forth. This can be applied to every working professional in any industry. Think about it!

Just for a moment, think about all the people involved in your work life – your boss, your clients, your colleagues, team mates, suppliers, etc. When you do your work with focus, commitment and sincerity, you are not just doing your job just to make a living, but you are expressing your ‘love & care’ towards ALL of these people.

Money, salary, promotion, increase, profit, recognition are all just by-products of this ‘expression of your love for others’!

It is just a matter of perspective. Just a small shift in paradigm. A change in the way you see your work & worklife. Try changing it for a couple of days and see the difference.

All the best!

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