Hello and welcome to Word @ Work. This is the show where we talk about ‘Biblical principles of Work’ that could help working professionals and business owners be aligned to God’s purposes and principles.

Today we are talking about prayer in the workplace and specifically we’re going to talk about praying for your colleagues. We’re going to talk about how important it is that you pray for your colleagues. Because as children of God, as Christians in the marketplace, it’s important for us to take prayer very seriously. I know most of you do, but I still want to stress on that because prayer is a time in which you have this conversation with the most powerful person in the entire world, who created the heaven and earth, who wants to be with you, who wants to work with you, who wants to solve your workplace problems, your life problems, who wants to help you accomplish all that He wanted you to accomplish in this world, when He sent you here. So, praying for colleagues is an important thing.

We’re going to talk about different angles of prayers maybe in the coming week, but today I just felt specifically led to talk about praying for your coworkers. Now you don’t have to tell them, you know, you’re going to have to release this or announce this.

What I would recommend is, select a few people and definitely include your boss, people who report to you, people you work with, and also people who are outside that, maybe even people in other departments, whoever comes to your mind, include them in a prayer list and start praying for them.

Because when you pray for them, you are moving things in the spiritual realm. You are investing, you are sowing seeds of prayer and goodwill and in involving God in their lives. Now they may or may not be people of faith and that doesn’t matter. You pray for them. You know their issues… if you know that they have issues, or even if they don’t have any issues, just pray for them and bless them and ask God to bless the work of their hands, their family.

And I think it’s a very important culture that you should develop as a Christian working professional or a business owner, to constantly pray for people you work with. Because that is a good seed that you sow in the spiritual realm that will help you accomplish big things in the physical realm.

Because you are involving God. You’re involving the spiritual equation. You’re bringing it to the physical realm when you pray. Prayer has the power to change things. Prayer has the power to move things to a completely different realm, by making the supernatural possible. So I would highly recommend that you pray for your colleagues and your coworkers and your boss and everyone in your team. Make it a habit. Make it a part of your daily routine. All right. God bless you. If you have any questions related to biblical workplace principles, send it to me. I’ll be happy to answer them or give you my inputs on that. God bless you. Be a salt and light in your workplace. Bye.

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