In the last blog, we discussed on how “Money/Salary” cannot be the primary motive or the No.1 reason that we go to work for. If so, what should be the primary reason or the key driving force behind our everyday work-life?

To understand this, we need to define the term “Work”. “Worker” and “Workplace”. I am going to first give the definitions and then get to the explanation part.

1. Work – Work is the expression of your Gifts & Talents.

2. Worker – A gifted & talented individual who is in the process of achieving his/her purpose in life.

3. Workplace – A platform that helps you bring out your unique gifts & talents, there by, taking you closer to your destiny.

Now let me explain one by one:

1. Work:

I define work as “The expression of your Gifts & Talents”.

When I first presented this concept in a multi billion dollar corporation. The co-founder (who was more than 70 years old) walked up to me and said, “If I had heard this 40 years back, I would have been a better working person”. Coming from a man who had built a multi billion dollar corporation in a few decades, it was definitely a compliment. After that session, I got back home and started thinking why this concept impacted people so much. The reason was starring at me in my loneliness inside my study room… it was simple… because this is the essence of “creation of work” and from day one, this is the way human beings were supposed to relate to work!

Work was never meant to be some occupation that kept you busy or something you did for a living. No! Work was created by God Himself during creation. It was a part and parcel of the creative startegy from day one. And the almighty who designed the creation wanted to use WORK as an instrument to bring out the BEST from his No.1-creation, Human Being. God wanted to give man a platform which will help him to shine, to excel, to beat the odds, to do the impossible, to achieve… Think about it. Look at all the sports people and the movie stars. What is their work-life? Let us take our national cricket legend SACHIN TENDULKAR for example.

Work for Sachin is “to bat for the whole day”…. is it a tough job?… yes… is it a tiring job?… yes… is it a stressful job?…. yes… but is he enjoying it… definitely YES!… Does he want to do this forever?… oh YES! (Why do you think he is not retiring after more than 22,000 runs in first class cricket!)

Now, what makes work enjoyable for sachin? Dont tell me its the millions that he makes through commercials, becuase he was enjoying his work much before he made his millions. Have you seen his batting in the early 90’s? No, it is not the money. Something else made him so happy as a child that he quit everything and decided to play cricket for the rest of his life. What was that?

It was the fact that “he was GIFTED in CRICKET. The more and more he played, the more and more his gifting came out visibly”. That is why I say that WORK is the expression of your Gifts & Talents.

Coming to OUR world. Think about a good software programmer. I used to work with a friend who loved his programming. He would work on the codes for HOURS and HOURS. He never got bored. Never got tried. He loved it. He did not make much money then. But he still worked hard and enjoyed his hard work throughly. Today he is in the US working for a top MNC. That happened eventually and that growth is good. But the point is… HE LOVES TO GO TO OFFICE everyday, because his WORK is the expression of his Gifts & Talents.

Think about it. I will continue to write on this….

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