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Our first big news of the week is from WhatsApp.

Source: Whatsapp

Last week, WhatsApp announced that they are bringing a new feature called ‘View Once’, which is basically a disappearing message for photos and videos that disappears after somebody views it just once. When you take a photo or a picture, you will see the number 1 with the circle, on the right side of your compose window at the bottom. That is the place to write a caption. There you will see a number 1 circle and you just click on it and it will become a ‘View Once’ file. That photo or video, when goes to your recipient, they will also see that number 1 in that message. So they will know that this is a disappearing ‘View Once’ message and once they see it, it vanishes. There are many use cases to this. One of the use cases that WhatsApp showcases, is passwords.

If you want to send somebody a password, you can send it for them to view only once. And then it disappears. Its end to end encrypted and has privacy features (of WhatsApp). This is essentially not a revolutionary new feature. I mean, this disappearing message has been around in the private messaging world for years now. WhatsApp is late to catch up, but WhatsApp being WhatsApp, the largest messaging app in the world, any new feature is going to be something that’s useful for the users.

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