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This news is from WhatsApp.

Our next big news of this week is from WhatsApp. Last week, WhatsApp made a major announcement about its changes to the privacy policy. Now, this is slightly more serious and different from the announcements of changes that they have made earlier, in the sense, this comes with a mandatory-acceptance of the terms along with a deadline.

Source: WhatsApp | XDA

There is a specific date before which you need to accept it in order to continue using the app. So do check it out. There has been a lot of discussions… VIP Influencers have spoken out against these terms, saying that it’s a compromise on privacy, and they have encouraged people to move to other apps like Signal and Telegram. But I also want you to think about the integration aspect of these terms. This announcement centers around Facebook’s idea of integrating Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

These are the three major messenger platforms that they have. And this particular terms and privacy policy allows them to integrate tightly with this ecosystem. So that is also something you might want to take note of. And also check how this is going to impact your ministry communications in the days to come.

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