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We actually had two major announcements from WhatsApp last week. One is about a new feature called Disappearing Messages. This has been something that has been requested for a very long time and finally comes to WhatsApp.

Source: WhatsApp

This is a feature where you can send a message to a particular person and the chat will disappear after seven days. You have to enable it for that to happen. WhatsApp has given Step-By-Step instructions on how to enable it for various devices like Apple, Android, and desktop. We will link to all those details in the show notes. Do check it out and test whether this is something that is going to work for you.

The second big announcement is about WhatsApp rolling out the ‘Payments’ option in India. They have been rolling out this option in Brazil and other places. Now it comes to India, which is one of the largest markets for WhatsApp. India also has a big digital payment system. WhatsApp has released details on how this is going to work. Initially, they are rolling it out in a phased manner. They have been working on this for quite some time, but it seems like now they have a go-ahead to move forward and start rolling it out in a wider scale. This is a big, exciting move in the digital payment space. Do check out this news.

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