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Our next news is from WhatsApp. Last week, WhatsApp made an additional announcement about its upcoming terms and privacy policy updates.

Source: WhatsApp

The deadline for accepting these new terms was February, but then they moved it to May. I think they are trying to warm people up towards the point where they have to accept these terms. They are starting to clarify things in a better way, and it’s very interesting to see in this announcement how WhatsApp makes this… the way this announcement came out very seriously and they’re saying, ‘we could have done a better job’. Literally, it says, “we reflected on what we could have done better here”. That’s what WhatsApp says. And they are talking about giving more information so that you understand what these policies are.

They also stress on the fact that these privacy policies are around ‘business’ transactions and ‘personal’ messages… the announcement says, “personal messages will always be end to end encrypted so WhatsApp can’t read or listen to them”. This announcement also has links clarifying WhatsApp’s position.

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