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This news is from WhatsApp.

Our first big news is about WhatsApp. For the last couple of weeks, WhatsApp has been in the news about its recent privacy policy updates. 

Source: WhatsApp

Also leading to an incredible growth in other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, because people are starting to look for other options outside WhatsApp. Last week, WhatsApp came up with multiple explanations. They were tweeting and they were releasing FAQs, and blogs with all the explanations about the privacy updates and what it means. I wanted to bring a couple of things to your notice.

Two things that I wanted to bring to your notice. One is the FAQ section which says, “we want to be clear that the recent terms and privacy policy updates do not affect personal messages. The changes are related to optional business features on WhatsApp…” So WhatsApp is saying that this whole thing is about business interactions and not private interactions. And personal privacy does not change in any way. And they’ve put together infographics, they’ve given multiple explanations, importantly, they’ve also extended the deadline for accepting these terms from February to May 2021.

The second important thing I wanted you to notice is, all the explanations say that the “Group’s privacy does not change in any way. Groups remain private”. I will link to all these articles in the show notes. Do check it out.

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