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This news is from WhatsApp.

Our first big news is from WhatsApp. Last week, WhatsApp made a major announcement about their Business App. WhatsApp has two apps.

WhatsApp Business App gets payments, shopping and new features.

Source: WhatsApp

One is a personal app, another is WhatsApp Business. Now, the WhatsApp Business app is starting to get new features, including payments facility. They have been talking about this for a long time now, there have been lots of new additions and testings going on around the world. But now Facebook has officially announced on its WhatsApp blog that they are bringing Shops, payments and all these experiences into WhatsApp Business.

The plan of Facebook is to integrate Shops and product related e-commerce features into private messaging like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. This is a big step towards that. And as a nonprofit or a ministry, it’s important for you to watch this space because once people start transacting, then you can use it as a ministry for your organization as well, both for product sales and also for donations. So check out these three big announcements. One is about the shopping experience. The other is about hosting services, Facebook is offering hosting services for businesses to host their chat and conversations and multiple other requirements, technically. They also say that they will be charging a fee for certain businesses and organizations to use this. I will link to the details in the show notes. Do check it out

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