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If you are an organization that uses WhatsApp Business app for interaction with people, then this is something you want to pay attention to.

Source: WhatsApp

Last week, WhatsApp announced that for business chat, that is when people have a conversation with a business or an organization on WhatsApp, they will soon be able to see a ‘shopping’ tab on top of that chat. Which means if people are talking to you, WhatsApp wants to enable their decision to buy something from you as quickly as possible, as easily as possible. Maybe in the chat, you can say, “hey, why don’t you click the shop button and look at our product” or something like that.

If you are a nonprofit or a ministry that uses product catalogs on WhatsApp, then you can guide people who chat with you to that button. And just by clicking that button on top of the chat right there, people will be able to look at the product catalog, instead of asking them to go to a menu and then find the product catalog, this is the easier way for people to trigger an e-commerce conversation. So a big step, especially for the ones that are using WhatsApp. And it’s also a big trend for us to watch out for. Facebook is definitely pushing e-commerce with Shops in a big way. Last two weeks, we’ve had so many stories about that.

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