Hello. I’m Natchi Lazarus. In today’s ‘Thought from the Book’ session, I want to encourage you by talking about Evergreen Content. In chapter 10 of my book, The Connected Church, I talk about how you can use evergreen content in your social media campaigns. One of the most challenging things about social media is coming up with content.

And there are predominantly two types of content. I mean, there are many types, but when we look at it from this context, there are just two types of content. One is ‘Timely’ content, which expires. For example, news, News is relevant today, but after say five weeks it’s not that much relevant. The other is ‘Evergreen’ content, which means you create content, and even if you look at that content after six months or eight months, it is still useful.

That is called evergreen content. It is the dream of any social media guy to create evergreen content. Because of course, when you put all your heart, soul, and mind and your effort into something you want it to be useful for quite some time, right? You don’t want to be constantly creating content, you want to create content that is useful for a long time. So that is evergreen content.

Now as a church, as a ministry, listen carefully, most of all we do is evergreen, right? Our core content from which we derive our content (for social media), which is the Bible is evergreen, right? It has been evergreen for hundreds of years, thousands of years, even before the new Testament, 2000 years ago, there was the old Testament, for much, much longer than that. So we do have an evergreen content source. And most of the content that we create as a church or a ministry or a Christian nonprofit, is evergreen.

So you don’t have to constantly create content. Even though it is good to create new, fresh forms of content as someone who is working in the Bible space, you don’t have to worry about its evergreen quality. It is going to be evergreen. Which is a big advantage for you on social media. Because you don’t have to constantly keep creating. So do look at your existing content. See what you can use. When you create content think of it as being evergreen, so that you will plan on how to present it, so that you will think ‘after one year, if somebody looks at it, it should still be relevant on YouTube, on Facebook, and all these channels’. Something for you to keep in mind.

I also wanted to encourage you that as a church or a ministry, whatever you create is evergreen, because it’s based on the Bible. We have that as such a big blessing because we create content based out of an evergreen content called the Bible. I just wanted to encourage you with that. If you have any questions related to that, let me know and I’d be happy to answer you. God bless you. Stay connected. Stay blessed. And stay safe. Take care, bye.

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