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This week we have news related to Facebook, WhatsApp, Eventbrite, Instagram and YouTube.

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Top 5 Social Media News

News #1 – New Discovery Ads from YouTube

(Source Link) Our first news is from YouTube. When you think of advertising on YouTube, you immediately think you need a video to act an advertisement on YouTube, right? You think you need to create a video ad.

But that’s not the case.

You can actually use images to advertise on YouTube. Last week YouTube made an announcement about a new format called ‘Discovery Ads’ in which you can use images to advertise not only on YouTube, but the same thing can also be used to advertise on Gmail as well.

News #2 – Facebook update on newsfeed ranking

(Source Link) Our next big news is from Facebook.

Last week, Facebook announced that they are making 2 ranking updates to the newsfeed algorithm. The newsfeed is what you see when you immediately log onto Facebook.

There are some stories appearing from your friends and other people, right? Now who appears on that newsfeed is based on a ranking system.

Facebook keeps updating this ranking system depending on different factors.

Now what they’ve done is, they have conducted a survey and based on the survey they’re applying 2 updates.

Here’s what their news items said: “Today we are announcing 2 ranking updates based on surveys we’ve conducted. One prioritizes the ‘friends’ someone might want to hear from most, and the other prioritizes the ‘links’ a person might consider most worthwhile”.

We need to watch this carefully to see what Facebook is allowing in people’s newsfeeds because that determines the kind of communication we have with our audience on Facebook.

News #3 – Instagram adds Stories to Explore tab

(Source Link) Our next news is from Instagram. Instagram says that Stories will start appearing in the Explore tab of the Instagram app.

If you open your Instagram app, there is a tab called Explore. And in that you will see different kinds of stories which Instagram thinks that you might be interested in.

And there so far we’ve had only Instagram posts. But now Stories are also starting to get in.

News #4 – Facebook teams up with Eventbrite

(Source Link) Our next news is about promoting your next event on social media. Facebook has teamed up with Eventbrite, which is a ticketing and events technology company.

They will be partnering to make events on Facebook pages much more user-friendly. They will offer ticketing option and other distribution options, within the Facebook page.

So if you as a nonprofit or a ministry are thinking about adding your event to your Facebook page, then you might want to watch out for the Eventbrite facility popping up. Then you’ll be able to do ticketing right within your page.

News #5 – Two exciting features coming to WhatsApp

(Source Link) Our final news is about WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s upcoming versions might have 2 very interesting features.

One is the ability for you to share your WhatsApp story, which is WhatsApp Status on to Facebook Story. So you can just, with a click of a button, add your WhatsApp Status to your Facebook Story.

So the tighter integration between the platforms is becoming a reality.

And the second interesting thing is WhatsApp might have a QR code which will help you easily connect with another person.

Suppose you meet another guy and then you want to connect with them on WhatsApp. You don’t have to necessarily share your phone number, and you save it and all that.

The person just shows the QR code to you on their WhatsApp app and you just scan it and immediately are connected on WhatsApp. So that might be coming very soon.

That’s all we have for you this week. Have a wonderful week.

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