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News #1 – Google Pay and Gmail will work together

(Source) Google is closely integrating Google Pay and Gmail. So when you open your Google Pay app, very soon, you will be able to see all your tickets – your movie tickets, your event tickets, and your loyalty cards, and other coupons inside the Google Pay app.

Google Pay is becoming very popular in many regions and countries. And Google is integrating it with Gmail so that it can give a better experience to its users, who don’t have to keep opening multiple apps to retrieve tickets and coupons.

News #2 – WhatsApp will stop people from taking screenshots

(Source) WhatsApp seems to be testing an important feature, which disallows a user from taking screenshots of a conversation. This could be important because sometimes two people have a conversation and one person decides to take a screenshot, and send it to somebody else, just to update them about this conversation.

Though it sounds like a convenient feature. Sometimes it could be a breach of privacy because the other person does not know that this conversation is being floated around as a screenshot.

Even though this feature right now looks to be under testing and development. It has some glitches and it’s not fully developed. But once it releases, this could be a good feature for people who like to protect their privacy.

News #3 – Apple Podcast’s web interface can now play episodes (without iTunes)

(Source) Apple’s podcasting platform is the largest in the world. Their web interface was not very user friendly so far, but this week, their web interface has had an uplift. Now you can even play the episodes right in their web interface, which was not something that you could do earlier. It would open iTunes.

They still encourage you to listen through iTunes, but now you can play the episodes right there on the webpage if you like to.

The show notes are also displayed fully. And the other details about the episodes are displayed in a much better way than what used to be there.

News #4 – LinkedIn introduces Reactions

(Source) Similar to Facebook, you can now add ‘Reactions’ to a LinkedIn post. If you look at a post on LinkedIn, if you long press the LIKE button, then these emojis or emoticons will pop up, through which you can add certain reactions.

The interesting thing is, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn does not have a sad or angry reactions. Instead, it has a couple of interesting icons. One is called ‘Curious’, so if you’re curious or want to know more about a particular post, you could select that. And there’s one called ‘Insightful’, which is for if you say, “Oh, I learned a lot”.

I kind of like those two new ones that LinkedIn is trying out. So go check out these emoticons on LinkedIn.

News #5 – YouTube might reward videos based on ‘responsibility’ & other internal metrics

(Source) The largest online video service provider, seems to be taking some actions to reward quality videos, rather than just popular videos. In order to do that, they are coming up with internal metrics like ‘Responsibility’.

Reportedly they are working on a few internal metrics, including responsibility, where they look at a video and assess whether they are just popular or do they help people take a constructive action after they watch that video?

Seems like a good direction to go in, because then we will have better videos, which are good for the society.

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