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This week we look at news items related to Twitter, Uber, Alipay, Facebook, and the Annual Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker.

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Top 5 Social Media News

News #1 – Internet Trends Report 2019 by Mary Meeker

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Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist and she has been involved with the tech industry since the 80s.

Every year she releases this trends report, which is highly anticipated and it is a detailed report that goes into various aspects of the digital, technology, and social media, and all the other areas that are of interest to the tech world.

Her insights are something that leaders and many people in the industry eagerly wait for, every year.

This year her report has 333 slides. Yes, it’s one of the most detailed slide decks that you can come across.

As a leader, I’m sure you will be fascinated to see the various details that she presents related to, say for example, gaming industry, social media, and how people watch videos, and the rise of podcasts, and various other fascinating statistics that she gives in her report.

You can look at the full report here and get details that could help you make decisions related to digital and social media.

News #2 – Facebook is integrating Groups into its ‘Facebook Watch’ video platform

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Facebook released an article last week, about Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is a tab within the Facebook app, which has a little video play button. You can click on it and watch videos from Facebook. It’s like Facebook’s version of YouTube.

Facebook says there are 140 million people who spend at least a minute on the Watch tab, watching videos.

But what is more fascinating about that article is, the fact that Facebook says people can discover related Groups, Facebook Groups, as they watch the video.

So when you’re watching a video, there’ll be a popup that comes up and says, “Hey, you’re watching a video on this topic. Do you want to join this group related to this topic?”

This is fascinating because, you as a nonprofit, imagine people are watching your video, or as a ministry, people are watching your video, they watch the video because they’re interested in your topic. And then if there is a popup that says, “Join your Facebook Group”, then people click on it and join.

It’s a great way to collect a community of people who are interested in a particular ministry or a topic. So think about that and see how you can make use of this feature for expanding your ministry and growing your community on Facebook.

News #3 – Uber announces plans for its air-taxi pilot program

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Uber is a technology company, as many of you know, that disrupted the whole transportation industry with their mobile app.

Now, Uber has an ambitious plan to launch air taxis called Uber Air. They had earlier announced that Los Angeles and Dallas will be pilot cities. Last week they announced that Melbourne will be the first international city that will be a pilot city as well.

They want to do the tests as early as 2020, and release it commercially as early as 2023. So it’s not far off from now.

I had written in my book, ‘The Connected Church‘ that Jesus’ commandment for us to ‘GO and make disciples of the nations’ is becoming much easier with transportation becoming enabled by technology and the digital world. It is fascinating as we see progress happening in that area.

News #4 – UEFA partners with Alipay for Euro 2020 setting the trend for ‘mini-programs’

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Alipay is a mobile app, which is a payment platform owned by Alibaba, the e-commerce company and UEFA, which is the European football governing body, has partnered with Alipay to build ‘mini-programs’ inside the app, which will allow the Chinese users to buy tickets and other football merchandise.

Now, why am I bringing this to your notice?

Because this is a trend, building mini-programs inside private messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and Alipay. That’s becoming a trend.

So you might want to watch out for this as a leader, and see if you have to build some ‘mini-programs’ for your nonprofit or church or ministry that can help people to donate and support your organization in the days to come.

News #5 – Twitter adds new account switching options for the web version

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Twitter now allows you to switch easily between accounts on your desktop.

Earlier, if you had multiple Twitter accounts, for example, your personal Twitter account and your ministry account, or your nonprofit account, then you can switch between these accounts only on your mobile phone, not on the desktop. You had to sign in and sign out every time on the desktop.

But now Twitter has made that process easier. You don’t have to sign in and sign out.

You just connect the accounts and you can easily switch between them on the desktop itself. Do check it out.

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