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News #1 – Twitter reduces limit on followers per day

(Source) Twitter reduces the maximum number of accounts that users can follow in a day, to 400. Earlier, this number was 1000 and now it’s 400.

Twitter has limits on certain things that accounts can do, just to make sure that fake accounts and bots are not misusing the system. Interestingly, did you know that you can only send 2,400 tweets in a day?! Yes, there are some limits click here to have a look at the various limits that Twitter has.

News #2 –Facebook will now tell you why you are seeing a particular post

(Source) Have you ever wondered why a certain type of post appears in your newsfeed on Facebook?

Have you ever wondered why suddenly you’re seeing posts related to a particular topic or a product?

Well, now Facebook will tell you why. They have a section called “Why am I seeing this?” under the posts on your newsfeed.

Earlier they had this under advertisements. When you see an ad, you can click on the menu and see “Why am I seeing this ad?”. Now the same thing is also available for posts.

This is Facebook’s way of being more transparent and giving more information to the user on why they are seeing certain types of posts on the newsfeed, giving them a sense of better control over what’s appearing on their newsfeed.

News #3 – WhatsApp for Business now available for iOS devices

(Source) If you are an Apple phone user and if you have been waiting for WhatsApp for Business, then this is good news for you.

WhatsApp for Business, which is the business edition of WhatsApp was only available for Android till now, but now it’s being rolled out to iOS users as well.

The app is for now available in certain countries like UK, US, India, Mexico, and it’ll soon be available in other countries, in the next few weeks.

News #4 – High Court motions to ban TikTok

(Source) TikTok is a social video app that has been gaining popularity, especially with the teens and the preteens. A high court in India has requested the federal government to ban the app, stating that it is inappropriate.

Governments from around the world are battling this issue of regulating social media, since social media is becoming a very influential tool in the society. And TikTok is the latest to come under the radar.

News #5 – Pinterest is preparing for an IPO

(Source) Pinterest, one of the popular social media channels is now preparing for an initial public offering (IPO). Yes, Pinterest will become a public company along with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat very soon.

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