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We know you are busy. And we know that most of you don’t have the time to search the big world wide web for relevant social media news. That is why, each week, we bring you the Top 5 Social Media News that you need to know for this week, and present it to you.

This week we have news related to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Four out of the five news this week comes from Facebook’s Developer Conference called F8 that happened last week, in California. There were a lot of interesting news and trends of things that are about to come in social media, at the conference.

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Top 5 Social Media News

News #1 – F8 News – Facebook Groups and Facebook Dating

F8 News Mark Zuckerberg Making Announcements

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The first news is about Facebook. Facebook made a series of announcements about its design and its eCommerce features. But I want to bring your attention as a leader, to two important trends.

  1. One is about Facebook Groups. Facebook literally started off by saying they are “putting groups at the center of Facebook”. So they are going to give a lot of importance to Groups in the days to come.
F8 2019 News on Facebook Groups

They’re making it easier for people to discover Groups, interact with people inside Facebook Groups. So how are you going to prepare your ministry to use Facebook Groups for your growth? Something for you to think about. Because that is going to be that next big trend when it comes to Social Media – Private Groups.

2. The second thing is Facebook Dating. Facebook spoke a lot about their dating feature, where they are adding features like ‘Secret Crush’ and other features that enables people on Facebook to find partners, and friends and have romantic relationships.

F8 2019 News on Facebook Dating

I know there are many Nonprofits and Ministries here, who are listening to me, who are in the space of teaching about family and marriage and relationships. So this is something for you to think about.

And how are we going to minister to people in the days to come, when a giant like Facebook is focusing on online dating. How are we going to relate to them? How are we going to talk about this? And, how are we going to minister to people who are in this space? Something for us to think about.

News #2 – F8 News – WhatsApp Pay, Product Catalogues & Interoperability

F8 2019 News on WhatsApp

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Our next news is about WhatsApp. WhatsApp had a lot of mentions at the Facebook conference.

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg started off by saying ‘WhatsApp Pay’ is going to be rolled out globally following the tests that they have done in India.

Another upcoming feature is: WhatsApp Business will have product catalogs. Which means you can list products and people will be able to buy them using WhatsApp Pay.

Now, think about that from a donation point of view. People will be able to give, people will be able to give offerings and tithes and donations on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is also going to get interoperability with Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s Direct Messaging, which means you can message people in all the three platforms.

So if you as a ministry are not focusing on WhatsApp right now, and not using it for ministry, then time for you to start thinking about that and start planning.

Just pass this information onto your live streaming team or your vendor or any software company, and just make sure that you’re not surprised on May 1st, 2019 because Facebook will be moving all the feeds to this secure protocol.

Click the image above to see the original source link, so that you can just pass it on to your team.

News #3 – F8 News – Instagram Donation Stickers

F8 2019 News on Instagram

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Our next news is about Instagram. We also saw many new features announced for Instagram at the Facebook conference. But I want to bring your attention to one specific announcement.

This is about ‘Donation stickers in Instagram stories’.

We had earlier announced that Instagram was testing donation stickers, but now, as of April 30th, 2019 Instagram stories have donation stickers.

Initially only in the US market, but eventually, hopefully, it will be rolled out to other global locations as well, so that people can start donating inside Stories.

News #4 – F8 News – Messenger gets a ton of features

F8 2019 News on Facebook Messenger

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Our next news is about Facebook Messenger. At the conference, it was very clear that Facebook was giving a lot of importance to its Messenger related features.

This is an indication as leaders, for all of us, that private messaging is becoming much more important.

For example, one of the features that were released was, people inside Messenger can watch a video along with other people who are in different locations. Imagine one of your ministry videos, your teaching videos, is being watched by people on Facebook Messenger from two or three different countries. So they can just get on Facebook messenger and watch that video.

There are a lot of other features like discovering stories about your friends and family, talking about that. Faster loading time. Think about that and start planning for private messaging related ministry in the days to come.

News #5 – Twitter allows you to add GIFs, Videos and Photos when you Retweet

Twitter allows GIFs Photos Videos in Retweet

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Our final news is from Twitter. Twitter finally adds the ability to add photos, videos, and GIFs to your Retweets.

Earlier when you Retweet, you can only add your opinion using text or emojis, what you think of that news before you Retweet. But now you can add visual components, which means you can be much more expressive with your opinion when you Retweet a message.

This is something that I personally look forward to because I think it’ll add a lot of fun and visual component to the whole act of Retweeting.

You as a ministry, watch out for what kind of visual responses you get from your audience when you Tweet your messages out.

That’s all we have for you this week. Have a wonderful week.

Do leave your comments, questions, feedback, and reviews. We will bring you a fresh set of the latest Social Media news for you next week.

Until then, Stay Connected. Stay Blessed.

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