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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Social Media News for church and ministry leaders. I’m Natchi Lazarus. This is the show where we bring you 5 important social media news that you need to know for this week, in less than 5 minutes!

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1. First news is from Facebook.

(SOURCE) Facebook says that it will soon launch a ‘clear history’ privacy tool, which will give Facebook users better control over their personal data that is being shared specifically with third party websites and apps.

2. The second news is from YouTube.

(SOURCE) The YouTube community took to Twitter, because in the last few weeks they have been seeing some of the videos being flagged for using ‘Giveaways’ in them. So the YouTube community wanted to know why are the videos being flagged? And if YouTube is even okay with ‘Giveaways’? And they’re like, “We don’t have enough clarity. And there’s no good reason for the videos to be flagged”. But YouTube came out very clearly this week and they sent a reply tweet saying that they are for ‘Giveaways’. They are not against Giveaways, but they want to make sure that it is not being used to boost metrics like Subscription and Likes and Views and so on. So if you as a Nonprofit, if you use ‘Giveaways’ for any of your YouTube campaigns, then it is clear that YouTube is not against that. So you just need to know how to use it in the right way. That falls in line with YouTube’s guidelines.

3. The third news is about Instagram.

(SOURCE) Instagram Live video seems to be getting a lot of new features these days and recently one of the users spotted that Instagram is testing out a ‘Title’ option for the live videos. What that means is, when you go live on Instagram, let’s say, someone joins your live stream after 2 or 3 minutes. You introduced the live stream when you started, but they were not there when you started the stream, and they joined later. Now, in order to know what you’re talking about, they need to look at the description, etc., and it’s not easy. Now Instagram might allow you, in the future, to give a ‘Title’ which will stay on top of the stream. That is very, very helpful. It is a small thing, but it’s very helpful for users who join later during the live video.

4. The fourth news item is from Google.

(SOURCE) Google has been adding a lot of features to its Google My Business listing. Google My Business listing is the one that pops up when somebody searches for your organization or a keyword related to your organization, on Google. So if you Google your name and then you see your organization. That listing comes from Google My Business listing. This business listing has been getting a lot of new feature updates. The latest feature update is called the ‘offer view’. You as an organization can log into your Google My Business listing and under the various sections like posts and ads, you can add offers. So you can give special offers to your viewers. And these offers will get listed as a carousel. So, what Google has been trying to do is, it is trying to bring social features or features that would typically be on social media, into its search listing. Which makes sense. It doesn’t want to compete with other social media channels, now that they don’t have Google plus, they want to bring in other useful features into their search listing.

5. The final news item is about Twitter.

(SOURCE) Twitter has been testing out a feature which allows a user to hide certain replies from the thread. Which means, if I tweet something, and you and many other people send me a reply. And particularly, if I don’t like the reply that I get from you, then I would be able to hide it. Now, this could become a controversial thing, because Twitter is used as a public platform by politicians and by customer service people. It’s a platform that is loved for it’s transparency and openness. Now, if you give this ability for people to hide it, then, I don’t know how the public is going to take it and what kind of reaction we’re going to get from the community. And how this will be used. Of course, Twitter also has given an option where even if I hide, going back to our example, even if I hide a tweet from you, or from multiple people let’s say, somebody who is viewing that thread can click on an option that says ‘show all hidden tweets’ or something like that, and they will be able to see what I chose to hide. That way it also shows what I’m trying to hide from the public view. Still it is an interesting feature and it will be good to see how this evolves and what kind of feedback twitter gets and whether they will really go ahead with rolling out something like this.

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