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This week, we have news about US Visas & Social Media, Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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Top 5 Social Media News

News #1 – The U.S. to check social media accounts before approving visas

(Source Link) The Associated Press (AP) reported earlier this week, on first June, that the US State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for US visas, to submit their social media usernames, previous email ids and phone numbers.

This is part of the enhanced screening process for potential immigrants and visitors.

This process will have a new application form which will list down certain social media channels and if you have had accounts in these channels for the last five years, then you need to give those details. They also allow you to volunteer information about social media channels which are not listed, you can give further details.

This process is expected to impact more than 700,000 immigrant applicants and 1.4 million nonimmigrant applicants, including people who have applied for business and education visas.

Looks like your social media profile and your posts are much more important and an expression of who you are. As a leader, be conscious of that when you look at your social media profiles and your posts.

News #2 – Two Key items from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2019

(Source Link) Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) earlier this week.

I always look for trends when I look at these conference announcements because these companies spend a lot of time and resources and money researching before they make these big announcements. So these announcements point us towards future trends and Apple is definitely a company you need to listen to.

There were 2 big announcements.

  1. One is iTunes is being broken down into 3 different apps. For 13 years, iTunes has been at the center of all Apple devices, but now iTunes is gone. And it’s being replaced by 3 apps – Apple TV, Apple music, and Apple podcasts. This is an indication to us that people are consuming content in 3 different formats. One is a television – entertainment, video, movie type of content. The other is Apple music, which is both entertainment and audio and video format. Then the third is Apple podcasts, which is an educational audio format content. These 3 seem to be the most important types of content that people want. So when you plan your social media and your digital strategies, think about these.
  2. The second big announcement that caught my eye was iPad getting its own operating system. Apple wants most of us to move from computers to iPads. We could do most of our work on iPad itself. It will have file organizing system and a lot of other interesting things. I will link to it in the show notes so that you can look at all the various announcements.

News #3 – Facebook to release a ‘shake to report’ feature

(Source Link) Facebook is coming up with a feature where you can report a bug or a problem with the Facebook app, by just shaking your phone.

Yes! When you are looking at Facebook and if a video is not playing or if you are having some kind of trouble with the app, you can just shake it and there will be a popup that just comes up in which you can report the problem easily to Facebook.

News #4 – Google search will now include Augmented Reality (AR) enabled search results

(Source Link) Google search will soon have Augmented Reality capabilities, AR capabilities.

What does that mean? This means when you search for an object, for example, let’s say you search for a Tiger, you want to learn about a tiger. One of the search results will be at 3D image of a Tiger, which you can click on, and then using your phone’s camera, you can point your phone camera to the room and then drag this 3D image of the Tiger and place it in your living room.

Yes, that 3D Image will actually sit in your room in real size, so that you can look at the 3D image of the Tiger in different angles and learn about it.

Google wants to make the learning process more interesting.

This is a great trend because as a ministry, as a church, imagine the possibilities. People can learn about the ark, they can learn about the priest’s garments and various other things using their phone and superimposing that on real life.

News #5 – Twitter releases capability for Live Video with guests

(Source Link) Twitter announced last week that you can now host a live video on Twitter and bring on 3 other guests while you’re Live.

People can get on your Live video and request to be a guest and you can accept, and you can bring them on to the show.

If you are using live video as one of your content types on social media, then this is exciting news for you. Do check it out and let me know how it works.

That’s all we have for you this week. Have a wonderful week.

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