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This week we look at news items related to Instagram, Google, Wikipedia, Tiktok and Facebook

📰 Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

🗞️ News #1 – Facebook Pay launched. It will work across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

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Last week, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Pay, which will be a payment service that will work across all of Facebook’s apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook.

Imagine that, millions of users between all these four platforms being able to pay each other.

The company said Facebook Pay will begin rolling out on Messenger and Facebook and that will include payments for fundraisers, in-game purchases, event tickets, person-to-person payments.

Now, you will hear a lot more in the coming days, in 2020 and beyond, about digital payment service driven by social media, because this is a space that every social media channel wants to be in, where people use their platform to make payments. Almost all companies are driving towards achieving this goal of handling people’s payments. Because who doesn’t want the share of the wallet?

So, if you as an organization do not have your digital-payment-strategy-driven-by-social-media in place, then it’s time for you to start thinking about that.

🗞️ News #2 – Instagram launches Reels, with TikTok-like features.

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Instagram is launching a new ‘video-music’ remix feature that looks a lot like TikTok. Instagram is finally taking on TikTok head-on.

Similar to TikTok, users can soundtrack their clips with a huge catalog of music and also borrow audio from someone else’s video and create a remix of that particular audio. Which is very, very similar to… well, which is exactly how TikTok works!

They are launching this only in Brazil, in iOS and Android, and in Brazil, it’s called Cenas, but worldwide it will be called Reels.

Look forward to seeing how that will take on TikTok. Will it have the same effect that they had with Snapchat when they brought in the Stories feature from Snapchat to Instagram? Well, we’ll have to wait and watch how that works.

🗞️ News #3 – Wikipedia cofounder launches a new social networking site.

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This week Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia announced the launch of WT: Social and new social networking site, which he hopes will be an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

The site will not work based on the advertisement, but it will be funded by donations because he believes that it’s advertisements that really lowered the quality of the content on social networks. So he wants to try out this new way of funding the social channel and he says it will support small and niche communities.

It’s an interesting development and coming from someone like Wikipedia co-founder, who had earlier launched Wikitribune, which was an online publication that was meant to combat fake news with original stories. So WT: Social is basically a relaunch of Wikitribune, which never really took off. But now it’s taking the shape of a social network.

It’ll be interesting to see how that works.

Digital and social media news for churches, nonprofits and faith based organisations Week 4, November 2019

🗞️ News #4 – Google adds a speech tutor in search to help with pronunciation.

(News Source 4)

Google has added a new feature to its pronunciation search where it almost acts like a speech tutor.

Next time you search for ‘how to pronounce’ a word, which is a very popular search term because for some difficult words you need know how to pronounce them, and especially in a cultural context when you’re traveling and so on… so when you search for ‘how to pronounce’ a particular word, now you will see an option, which not only gives you the audio of how to pronounce it, but it’ll also have a button that says, “Speak” it out, so you can click on the button and actually speak that word.

Google will correct your pronunciation and help you get as close as possible to the real thing.

I like technology that helps us communicate, because being in ministry, our job is to communicate something. The more we communicate with relevance to other people, the better we can convey the message that we want to convey.

🗞️ News #5 – TikTok to launch a music streaming app.

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(News Source 5b)

A new report by Financial Times suggested that ByteDance, which is the parent company of TikTok, might be launching a new music streaming app similar to Spotify and YouTube Music.

It’s a logical expansion for the company because its entire platform works around videos based on music.

This news comes at a time when there was a report that TikTok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times. It’s not just the downloads and the users that are growing on TikTok, but also the revenue from users. It was reported that to date in 2019, TikTok has generated $115 million from users spending on the app.

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