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This week we look at news items related to Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter.

Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

News #1 – Google starts testing a new social networking app, Shoelace.

Google starts testing a new social networking app, Shoelace.

Google quietly started testing a new social networking app called ‘Shoelace’.

According to its website, access is, as of now, only based on invites and is being tested in New York City.

The idea seems to be bringing people together around local events. So if you’re in a city, and you’re very interested in an event, you can connect with others, you can plan and you can go to the event and have fun. That is what the website portrays.

This is interesting because it comes at a time when Google has shut down Google+ and it’s moving in this direction with an app on iOS and Android stores.

If you are interested, just like me, on how this is going to work, you can go and sign up for an invite.

Why Shoelace?

I actually looked up why it’s called Shoelace! It’s an interesting name, don’t you think?! And Google has explained saying, “The whole premise of Shoelace is to tie people together based on their interests — like two laces on a shoe“.

So this is definitely a socially centered app and we’ll see how it goes.

News #2 – YouTube announces new monetization options for video creators, at Vidcon

YouTube announces new monetization options for video creators

Last week, YouTube announced, at VidCon conference, that it is introducing new ways in which video creators can monetize their videos.

VidCon is a top conference for video creators and this year is their 10th anniversary. So it’s a big event and YouTube obviously wanted to make a big announcement.

They had an official blog in which they announced these new monetization strategies. And this includes Super Stickers, Channel Memberships, and many other monetization options.

If you are a video creator, do check it out and see if some of it applies to your nonprofit or your ministry.

News #3 – Twitter bans hate speech against religious groups

Twitter bans hate speech against religious groups

Twitter announced last week that they are updating their rules to ban hateful conduct against religious groups.

Twitter has already banned any hateful comments related to race, ethnicity and so on. But last week’s comment is very specific to Religious Groups.

Their announcement on the official blog says it will remove any tweet which ‘Dehumanizes whole religious groups‘.

It’s good that Twitter is taking the stand against certain kinds of tweets, certain ways in which it is worded which dehumanize religious groups.

The link above is from the official blog of the Twitter Safety team, so you can check out what kind of action is being taken.

News #4 – Facebook to release new apps on an experimental basis 

Facebook to release new apps on an experimental basis

Facebook announced last week that they will be setting up a separate team called NPE team, which is ‘New Product Experimentation’ team.

In fact, they’ll be setting up a separate Limited Liability Company for the NPE Team. And they will be coming up with new apps, which will be consumer-focused, as per Facebook.

And they will be releasing new apps into the market and testing which works so that they can start adding it to their group of apps.

This is interesting because Facebook has only been going around buying other apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and also ‘getting’ features from other apps built into it.

Like with Snapchat, they just ‘brought in‘ (eye roll) Snapchat’s features into their app. So, it’s nice to see Facebook coming up with an option where they are starting to build something on their own.

Hopefully, this initiative will come out with some innovative new solutions. Let’s wait and watch.

News #5 – Nonprofits could benefit on Amazon Prime Day, through AmazonSmile

Nonprofits could benefit on Amazon Prime Day, through AmazonSmile

By the time you watch this news, Amazon would have completed the 2-day Amazon Prime Day sale.

These are 2 days in which Amazon products are priced at a very low cost (supposedly). And Amazon spends a lot on advertising this and people buy things that they have been waiting to buy, at a very low cost.

Now, why am I telling you this?

There is another side of Amazon which many nonprofits don’t know about. It’s called AmazonSmile.

AmazonSmile is a program in which Amazon donates a small percentage of the sale to certain nonprofits and charitable organizations that are registered with Amazon.

So if you have registered with Amazon, in these two days of Prime Day sale, you will get a certain percentage of the sale, if the people who buy products choose your nonprofit as their favorite nonprofit.

Now, this is big, because one research by a company says that, the expected sale in this year’s Prime Day is going to be close to $6 billion. Last year it was 4 billion, with 100 million products sold on just those 2 days. So this is a big sale.

If you are a nonprofit, you might want to think about this program, maybe for next year. This year it’s over, but maybe for the next time.

Check out smile.amazon.com and see if your nonprofit or organization can get listed in this. Just wanted to bring that to your notice.

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