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This week we look at news items related to Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, and Google.

📰 Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

🗞️ News #1 – Facebook CEO’s 2030 focus list: 5 trends for the next decade

News 1, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 3, Jan 2020

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Last week, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a post outlining his thoughts about the 5 most important things that he sees for the next decade – 2020 to 2030.

Usually, at the beginning of each year, he writes a post about what he sees as a big thing for the coming period – kind of new year resolution, he calls them challenges. This year he has written it for the next 10 years.

And there are top five things that I think you need to have a look at. His post has some very interesting thoughts, including a ‘new private social platform’. Imagine that – a new social platform coming from the thoughts of the founder of Facebook.

He also talks about some challenges and the next generation. He talks about the new way in which computing platforms will evolve, etc. Do check it out.

🗞️ News #2 – YouTube rolls out content changes to kid’s videos.

News 2, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 3, Jan 2020

(News Source 2)

Last week, YouTube officially rolled out the changes to its content, related to children on the platform.

YouTube has been talking about changes that are coming to kids related content, in order to comply with the Federal Children’s Privacy Law. And last week, it came into full effect, where targeted ads will now be restricted from running on kids’ videos.

And also certain community features like comments and such will be restricted on videos that are designated as kids’ videos.

If you are in children’s ministry, or even if you’re a church or nonprofit that produces content for kids and uses YouTube as a platform to promote that, then this is something that you want to pass on to your social media team.

🗞️ News #3 – Google Assistant gets new features: CES 2020 announcement.

News 3, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 3, Jan 2020

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Last week at the CES conference, which is a major tech conference that happens every year, the Google Assistant team made announcements about new features, including one that really caught my attention, which is ‘Household Notes’. Instead of leaving your sticky notes on the fridge, you can now use Google Assistant to leave notes for your family, that can be shared within the family.

And Google also announced that Google Assistant will now work closely with many smart devices from large manufacturers. So voice search and smart devices and smart speakers that are assisted by Google Assistant is getting a major boost in 2020.

Something for you to think about in your marketing plans and strategy. How are you going to optimize your ministry and your work for voice search?

🗞️ News #4 – TikTok revises its community guidelines: Will remove certain types of content.

News 4, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 3, Jan 2020

(News Source 4)

Last week, TikTok released its revised community guidelines, which takes a firmer stand against misinformation.

Specifically, the policy says that they will remove content related to things that ‘incite fear, hate, or prejudice’. It’s good to see this because considering how many young people use the platform, it’s good to know that TikTok is taking these things seriously.

They also said that they will remove any content that harms individuals’ health, medical-treatment-related harmful information. Also, anything that’s a hoax or a manipulated content.

If you’re using TikTok for your ministry, then do go through these guidelines and align with them so that your content does not come under any scanner.

🗞️ News #5 – Twitter might let you control who replies to your tweet: CES 2020 announcement.

News 5, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 3, Jan 2020

(News Source 5)

Based on their announcement at the CES tech conference, it looks like Twitter might allow us to control who can reply to our tweets as we compose them.

There will be an ability to limit replies only to followers or people who are mentioned in the tweets, or you can even have no replies at all.

That’ll be interesting to see because Twitter is mostly used as a public platform for various opinions and conversations. So a feature like this could add a major twist to the way the platform is used. Something to look out for.

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