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This week we look at news items related to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and China‘s Cryptocurrency plans.

Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

News #1 – China is close to releasing its own Cryptocurrency

China is close to releasing its own Cryptocurrency

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is very ‘close’ to releasing or issuing its own cryptocurrency.

Ever since Facebook talked about Libra, it’s digital currency, central banks from around the world have been on high alert, thinking about their own cryptocurrency or digital currency versions, or seeing how this is going to impact the monetary policies.

Many central banks including PBOC have issued statements that digital assets like cryptocurrencies have to come under the oversight of central banks, in order to prevent potential foreign exchange risks.

Now, this is a space that as leaders, is important for us to watch because digital currencies are going to be an inevitable part of our digital future. So we will keep track of it and we will keep you posted on the developments.

News #2 – Augmented Reality (AR) comes to Google Maps

Augmented Reality (AR) comes to Google Maps

Google Maps announced a new feature last week. It’s a beta feature called Live View.

Live View, puts arrows and directions in the real-world footage. When you point your phone to a real-world location, it will show you arrows on where to go.

Have you ever been in a situation where you get to a point on Google maps, and then there are many streets and you don’t know when it says ‘left’, you don’t know which left, is it this left or the left adjusting to it… that kind of confusion?

Now you can just point your camera and you will see an arrow on top of the location saying which street you need to take.

It’s a big leap and it’s an important technological advancement. So if you have an Android or iOS phone with AR capabilities, then you should be able to check it out right now. Update your Google Maps and go check it out.

News #3 – Facebook in talks with top news outlets offering millions for their content

Facebook in talks with top news outlets offering millions for their content
Facebook launching news tab

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported last week that Facebook is approaching news outlets like ABC News and The Washington Post, offering them millions of dollars to license their content.

This is a strategy that Facebook is adopting before it launches its News Tab. Earlier its CEO talked about News Tab as one of the ways to deal with fake news.

The plan of Facebook is to have this tab called ‘News’, inside the app, where you click on it and you consume news from trusted publishers and trusted sources.

So that you don’t have to wonder whether this news that you’re consuming within Facebook is fake news or not. That is the longterm plan of Facebook with respect to the news.

News #4 – Twitter to have a keyword-based search inside direct message inbox

Twitter to have a keyword-based search inside direct message inbox

Twitter seems to be working on a search functionality within the Direct Messaging inbox by keywords.

This could be very useful for people with a lot of personal conversations because earlier, searching through the personal conversation on Twitter was not easy. You had to keep scrolling.

Now you can search them through keywords. It’s a welcome feature, and I think it’s going to benefit a lot of users.

News #5 – Google’s image search gets a new look and eCommerce upgrade

Google’s image search gets a new look and eCommerce upgrade

Google announced last week about changes in the image search.

When you search for an image on Google, and you see all the search results, you can click on any image and a new side panel will open up, which will remain there, even when you’re scrolling through the images.

This is a new one.

As you scroll through and you click on another image, you will be able to go back and forth in the side panel.

eCommerce: Apart from just listing the details of the image, Google is also interestingly adding the e-commerce components, like pricing of the product. Suppose it’s an e-commerce product, it’ll add the pricing, the reviews and so on to help you make a buying decision.

So, they are not only improving the search, but they’re also helping people buy through the search directly.

If you are an organization that has an e-commerce component built into your business or your nonprofit, then you might want to take note.

There are instructions from Google for developers on how to make their product appear in this listing.

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