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Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

News #1 – Instagram releases new features to fight online bullying

Instagram on Online Bullying

Instagram has announced two features that will help them fight ‘online bullying’ on their platform.

Online bullying is a serious concern on social media and the Internet, especially when it comes to the younger generation.

  1. The first feature – When somebody posts a hateful or an offensive or a hurtful comment, Instagram will pop up a message saying, “Do you really want to post this?”. So it’s almost like a nudge, or encouraging the person who makes that comment not to post. Instagram says that they have been testing this and this has really reduced the number of people who want to post these type of comments.
  2. The second feature – It is called the ‘Restrict’ feature, where if you choose to restrict the person on Instagram, then their comments will be visible only to them and nobody else will be able to see it. I think it’s a good direction that Instagram is going in, especially considering how fast the platform is growing.

News #2 – Google Photos to release new features including text search on images

Google Photos News - release new features

Google Photos will soon be getting a bunch of new features including manual tagging of photos, timestamps, and the ability to search for text that is inside the photo – If you have some kind of text in your photo, you will be able to search for that particular text, even though it is an image.

Last week, the product lead of Google Photos got on Twitter and had a conversation with other developers.

During the conversation, he kind of confirmed all these new features that are going to be released in the days to come.

So if you use Google Photos, then, look out for these new features in the coming days.

News #3 – Facebook to follow Twitch’s model of viewers paying video creators

Facebook News - Like Twitch Bits, Facebook will release Stars a new way to pay video creators

Facebook is starting an interesting trend for social media videos. CNET reported that Facebook will soon allow you to pay a small cash-kind-of-payment to video creators, who create good videos that you like.

For example, if you’re watching the video that I create and if you really like it, you can actually pay me something called ‘Stars’ as an appreciation for creating that video.

Now, this an interesting trend. But it’s not a novelty.

Already a platform called Twitch is using this. And it has been using it successfully. What it does is, this is a gaming platform and people who watch other gamers play can actually give them this little online currency called ‘Bits‘. And ‘Bits’ is actually purchased with real money.

So this is a very interesting trend and in the future, if this takes off, then video creators can start making money by creating good videos for their audience. I highly recommend you watch out for this trend.

News #4 – YouTube’s official app now available on Amazon Fire TV

YouTube news - App will be on Amazon Fire TV Stick

YouTube announced that its official app is available on Amazon Fire TV Sticks as of last week.

Earlier, we had announced that Amazon and Google are trying to put their differences away, and make their content streaming platform available on each other’s devices. That implementation seems to be complete now.

And Amazon’s Prime Video is now available on Chromecast and Google (Android) TV, and YouTube is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

This is good news if you’re a video creator because now your videos which are on YouTube can reach many, many more people who are already users of Amazon Fire TV Stick.

News #5 – Waymo’s self-driving cars complete 10 billion miles of driving in simulation


Waymo is an autonomous driving company, which means it’s a company that is trying to produce self-driving cars (also known as Autonomous Cars).

This is a company that is owned by Alphabet. And if you know, Alphabet is the parent company of Google.

So basically Waymo and Google are sister concerns.

Waymo made an important announcement last week that they have completed 10 million miles in the real world, testing their self-driving cars. And over 10 billion miles in simulated situations.

That is a lot of miles.

So they have really tested self-driving cars a lot. It’s only a matter of time before these things start rolling out and we see self-driving cars coming out.

This could revolutionize the way we travel for ministry, the way we reach people, the way we serve people, as a nonprofit. So I really like this trend of self-driving cars becoming a practical thing.

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