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This week we look at news items related to Apple, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and a research report from the University of California, San Franciso.

Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

News #1 – Apple Card: Apple now has its own credit card


Apple confirmed its plan last week, to release its own credit card called the Apple Card. Apple Card will start accepting applications from August.

To start with, it will be rolled out in the US.

This will not be your regular credit card with a 16 digit number and CVV, the stuff that we are used to.

According to the company, they will generate a card number randomly for every purchase, to make it more secure. Interesting, isn’t it?

It will be exciting to see how this pans out for Apple. But it’s definitely starting a big trend in the tech industry where technology companies are getting into the credit card business.

News #2 – Instagram now allows you to schedule your posts using your desktop


Instagram announced last week that you will be able to schedule your Instagram posts and your IGTV posts on your desktop, using Facebook’s Creator Studio tool.

If you’re already using Creator Studio, you know that there are lots of options for managing your Facebook Page. And now you will be able to connect your Instagram account and start scheduling Instagram posts right from your desktop.

This can be really helpful for ministries and nonprofits who have teams managing Instagram. Instead of using your mobile, you now can do it on your desktop.

News #3 – Google announces new updates to its Featured Snippets section


Google announced last week, that there is a new update to their Featured Snippets section of the search engine.

Featured Snippet is basically that extra information that you will see once you search for something on Google. For example, let’s say you’re searching for “World Cup”. You will see, instead of just defining what World Cup is, or about World Cup, it will give you the schedules of the matches, and the scores of the different teams so far and so on. Have you seen that? That is called Featured Snippets.

Now, Google is saying they have updated that so that the system knows whether the result is outdated, or is it current and relevant.

Basically what you need to understand in this news is, Google is getting smarter about the age of the content and it is getting smarter about which content they need to show and which content they need not present to people.

So you as a creator, as a leader, when you think of it, create content that is clearly laid out. When Google searches or browses through your content, Google’s algorithm should know that this is how your data is structured, your information is structured. So that it can present it in the most relevant format to people.

Of course, if you have a technical search engine team, they can look at how your snippets are structured. You can pass this information onto them, but as a leader, all you need to know is, presenting information to Google needs to be in a very clear structured format with headlines and subheading and so on so that Google can present it in a relevant format to their users.

News #4 – Research Report on Brain-Computer Interface: What if you could type directly from your brain?


Our next big news is about a research report on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) program.

This is a program that will basically help you ‘Type with your brain, not your Fingers’! Whatever you think, you will be able to type.

This is a breakthrough technology and researchers at the University of California, San Francisco has released their findings.

This is a program that was sponsored by Facebook, so the details of the findings are also available on Facebook’s blog, and the University’s blog, and also on Nature.com. This is really interesting, go through it.

Even though this technology is at a very nascent stage, just getting started, these reports indicate that they have made good progress. So it is only a matter of time before it actually becomes a practical thing and we start seeing this being implemented on our day to day devices and all that we do on technology.

News #5 – The words ‘from Facebook‘ to be added to Instagram and WhatsApp.


Facebook has confirmed that it is planning to add the word ‘from Facebook’ to Instagram and WhatsApp in the App stores (and other places, I guess). They have already done this with Oculus and other products.

So Instagram will be renamed as ‘Instagram from Facebook‘ and WhatsApp as ‘WhatsApp from Facebook‘.

The company has said that this decision is ‘to make clear that these products and services are from Facebook’.

But what I want you to notice is how Facebook is bringing together all these 3 platforms.

Many people don’t even know that Instagram and WhatsApp are from Facebook. (Well, they will know that very clearly soon). But operationally, if you think of it, these 3 are going to be interoperable, and the company has been hinting that & they’ve been stating that very clearly.

Very soon you will be able to operate on all of these 3 platforms simultaneously with a lot of ease.

So start planning for that. If you are using one platform and not the other, then maybe you want to think how you are going to use your content on all these platforms, when Facebook makes the interoperability very convenient, very soon.

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