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This week we look at news items related to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

📰 Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

🗞️ News #1 – YouTube releases ‘Chapters’ helping viewers navigate to any section of a video

News 1, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 1, June 2020.

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Our first big news of this week is from YouTube. YouTube releases ‘Video Chapters’ feature to everyone. They have been testing this for a while now, and now they’ve made it available to everyone. If you’re wondering what ‘Video Chapters’ is: it’s very simple – on your YouTube video, your audience can go and select a part of the video based on each topic or a ‘chapter’ that you specify. For example, if you have a 10 minute video and you talk about 4 different points, people can actually go to the second point or the first point based on just scrolling over the video. So it can be very useful for your audience and it can also be useful for you to convey longer messages. It can help you create chapters based on sermon outline, you can create chapters based on Bible verses.

There’s is a lot of application for teaching ministries and churches. Do check it out. YouTube has made it very easy. You don’t have to do any technical work. All you have to do is upload the video and in the description, just put the timestamp – in what time which topic is appearing. You just have to start the time-stamping in a particular way. You just have to start with 0:00. When you do that, YouTube will know that that is the ‘chapter’ marking. After that, the minimum requirement is you need 3 chapters and each chapter has to be 10 seconds long. That’s all. Once you have it, boom, you can start using the feature. So it seems like a great new feature. Go check it out.

🗞️ News #2 – Instagram announces new monetization tools – IGTV Ads & Live Stream Badges

News 2, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 1, June 2020

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Our next news is from Instagram. And this is about monetizing your content on Instagram. If you are a creator on Instagram and you like to make some money, just like how people make money on YouTube, then this might be of interest to you.

First is, Instagram gives you the ability to add badges when you go live. So you can add a badge and people can purchase that badge. Whoever purchases that badge gets a special mention and a special status in the comments. That is one. The next thing is, IGTV ads. Ads are coming to IGTV. When you release an IGTV video, now you can monetize it with advertising. People who open the video will see ads and that will become a monetization option for the creators. IGTV is going a lot in the YouTube direction.

Still a long way to go, but it’s a different platform, a different format, even the ads are vertical 15-second ads. So it’ll be interesting to see how this takes off.

🗞️ News #3 – Twitter now allows you to schedule Tweets from the desktop app

News 3, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 1, June 2020.

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Our next news is from Twitter. And it’s a big one, a much-awaited feature, which allows you to ‘schedule’ a Tweet on Twitter’s website, web app. Now you can type a Tweet and if you don’t have time to send it immediately, you can schedule it for the future, as long as it is within the next 18 months.

This is a feature that many people have been waiting for, and now you can start using it. You can also ‘save’ your draft and you can also look at all the saved drafts on the web app. You don’t have to use a third party app. You can do it straight out of Twitter. This could be useful to your social media team, so pass this news on to them and ask them to check it out.

🗞️ News #4 – Facebook to verify people behind a viral post. Rebrands digital wallet, Novi.

News 4, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 1, June 2020.

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Our next news item is about Facebook. We’ve got two news items. One is about Facebook’s announcement last week that they will start verifying the profiles of people who release posts that go viral. If you have a potential to have a high-reach post, then you will need additional verification. And if you don’t fulfil the verification, the announcement is that “your post’s viral ability, the distribution, will be reduced” and it will just not have that kind of a viral effect. So this is being rolled out.

The second interesting announcement last week is about Facebook’s digital wallet called Libra. If you have been following our news for a while, you know that we made the Libra announcement a while ago, which is Facebook’s digital currency and wallet. Now they have renamed it and rebranded it as Novi. Novi comes from a Latin word, Facebook says, which is ‘novus’ + ‘via’ which is ‘new way’. So it’s going to be a new way for Facebook and hopefully a new way for the digital world.

Earlier, the announcement about Facebook Shops and now the announcement about a wallet – shops and wallet. It’s all going to be very interesting to see how Facebook plays this eCommerce and digital commerce game. Do watch out pretty closely.

🗞️ News #5 – TikTok’s new #LearnOnTikTok program to help encourage education during lockdown

News 5, The Connected Church news by Natchi Lazarus, Week 1, June 2020.

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Our final user this week is from TikTok. TikTok announced a new program called #LearnOnTikTok hashtag, which is an initiative by TikTok to help people learn or be educated during this COVID season. People are locked down, there is lockdown in many parts of the world or they have restricted movements. And TikTok says “this is a good time for you to learn something new” and they want you to learn it on TikTok platform.

The reason I brought this news item to you is for you to take note that TikTok is not just about dancing, right? It’s about learning. And even they realize that ,and they want to push education and learning. So you as a ministry, or a nonprofit, or a teaching church, or anything where you are interested in an educational form of content, then do check out TikTok. It’s fast changing and it’s becoming a different platform. Check it out.

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