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This week we look at news items related to Facebook, Google, TikTok, Google Maps and Twitter.

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Top 5 Social Media News

News #1 – Google adds new lesson plans that educate children about online safety

Back in 2017, Google launched an Internet literacy program for kids between 7 and 11 years old, called the ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program.

This was aimed at teaching children how to be safe and secure online, which is a very important topic.

In today’s social media, digital world, keeping children safe online is something very important and something that we need to pay a lot of attention to.

Last week, Google updated this program with six lesson plans. These lesson plans are meant to help educators in the classroom and they can teach children.

For example, how to spot fake news or how to spot an image or a video that has been edited and so on. So it’s got a lot of information that can help kids understand more about the Internet, keep themselves safe.

I know there are many children’s ministries and nonprofits who are working in the area of family safety that are listening to me. You can go check out these resources and use them to help people.

News #2 – Facebook allows you to post exclusively to your top fans

Facebook is rolling out an option where you as a Facebook page can post something that is seen only by the Top Fans of your page.

Who are Top Fans?

Top Fans is a badge. It’s a feature that is available to certain pages (which have more than 10,000 followers) and you have to turn that feature ON.

If you have that feature ON in the settings area, then some people who are following you, who are very active, who post and comment and they’re very active on your page, will have this badge below their name.

For example, I will have Natchi Lazarus and below that it will say ‘Top Fan’ of your page.

Now you can post something which is seen only by me… me and others who are Top Fans.

This is interesting because this helps you make your Top Fans feel special, or you can communicate something exclusively to them. There are many ways you can use this to build more engagement with people who are already engaged with your page. Do check it out.

News #3 – Twitter adds labels to tweets from politicians and officials when it violates terms

Twitter made an important announcement last week about the way it deals with tweets that violate its rules, specifically from politicians and government officials.

Instead of deleting those tweets, Twitter will now add labels to those tweets and it will say why they are not deleting that tweet.

They choose to keep that tweet, even though it has violated their terms, they choose to keep it, because it is of public interest.

Maybe it’s a tweet that clarifies something or keeps someone accountable. So instead of deleting it, they add a little label or a note that says why Twitter has chosen to keep that label.

This is important from a public conversation perspective.

News #4 – Google Maps launches ‘Stay Safer’ alert for your taxi ride in an unfamiliar city

Last week, Google Maps added an important safety feature called ‘Stay Safer’ alerts.

These alerts are specifically useful if you’re visiting a town or a city that you’re not familiar with, and you’re taking a cab.

When you’re in the taxi, if the driver goes off-route or takes a detour that is more than 0.5 Kms outside the suggested route in Google Maps, then you will get an alert.

So it’s basically your way of knowing whether you’re being taken for a ride or if you’re going off track.

I think it’s an important feature. If you have an Android phone, update it to the latest version and you might be able to access this.

News #5 – TikTok wants its users to create educational and motivational content

As you may know, TikTok is right now one of the most popular social media platforms.

Usually TikTok is associated with funny videos and videos with songs and music in the background.

Recently, TikTok has launched an in-app challenge called EduTok.

If you look at Hashtag #EduTok you will see videos with a lot of educational, motivational content. At the time of posting this blog, this Hashtag had got more than 5 billion views for the videos!

This is interesting because suddenly it opens up new ways for people to create content on TikTok. Organizations like you can also start thinking about creating educational, motivational content instead of wondering what kind of content to create for TikTok. Go and check it out.

That’s all we have for you this week. Have a wonderful week.

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