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This week we look at news items related to Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Ofcom, and TikTok.

Top 5 Digital & Social Media News

News #1 – Google’s Sound Amplifier app could help people with hearing loss.

Google’s Sound Amplifier app could help people with hearing loss

Last week, Google released details about an Android app called Sound Amplifier.

This app from Google is designed to help people with hearing loss. According to the WHO, World Health Organisation, 466 million people around the world have hearing loss related problems. This is a serious concern.

Google says, in this app, people can plug in their headphones, and using their Android smartphone, they can increase the volume of certain sounds around them.

Now imagine this, if you’re sitting across somebody in a restaurant, in a noisy hotel, what you can do is, you can increase the frequency of the person who is sitting opposite to you, adjust their voice alone so that you can hear them very clearly. Not the entire volume, but just the volume of the person talking to you.

Or increase the volume of a TV. If you’re watching TV, instead of telling everybody to increase the volume on the TV, you can increase the volume that you hear from TV just on your phone. So this could be a big blessing for so many people.

I love it when I hear news about technology and the digital world solving real-world problems.

Go check out this app and see how you can help people with it, or spread the word or really check out this trend. Google is starting it, but I’m sure it will be a trend that many companies will follow to solve real-world problems.

News #2 – Ofcom report says that almost half of UK adults get their news from Social Media.

Ofcom report says that almost half of UK adults get their news from Social Media

Ofcom is a regulatory body which regulates communication services in the UK. And it recently released an annual news consumption report.

The report has an interesting finding where more than half the people said, they are consuming news through social media.

Last year, the number was 44% and this year it has increased to 49%.

This is an interesting trend because you would think, with all the privacy issues and concerns, social media news consumption would come down, but actually, people are consuming more.

Why? Because they trust their friends and trusted sources on social media.

This is a trend that you could watch out for and see how you can use social media to reach, help and influence people

News #3 – Facebook opens up ‘Search’ ads placement option to more advertisers.

Facebook opens up ‘Search’ ads placement option to more advertisers

Facebook seems to be allowing more users to use their Facebook Search Ads.

Search Ads were first released for testing in December in the US. And now it seems that they are opening up, after their testing period, they are opening up this option to more people. And more users are seeing the option of placing their ad in searches based on what terms people search for.

For example, if people search for say, water conservation. If you are a nonprofit working in water conservation, then your ad can show up to those people when they search for it on their mobile.

So this could be a good way to reach people. This is an option that you could check out if you’re already using Facebook Ads.

News #4 – WhatsApp might soon allow you to use its web version without your smartphone.

WhatsApp might soon allow you to use its web version without your smartphone

If you have been using WhatsApp on the web, on your computer, instead of your phone, you know that you need to keep your phone ON, with your Internet connection, in order to make WhatsApp web version work.

Now there is a report by WaBetaInfo, which is a site that tracks possible new features in WhatsApp, that WhatsApp might do away with that requirement.

So even if your phone is OFF, your web.whatsapp.com might work without the phone.

This is a feature that could really be helpful to a lot of businesses, nonprofits, ministries, which are already using WhatsApp in a big way. So watch out for it.

News #5 – TikTok’s parent company is now building smartphones.

TikTok’s parent company is now building smartphones

BBC reported that ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok has acquired a smartphone manufacturing company called Smartisan.

Now, this opens up an interesting trend where a social media organization is acquiring a phone manufacturer.

Does this mean that very soon in the future, you will have phones that are manufactured by social media companies, so that the device is designed, optimized and fine-tuned to their own needs?

Imagine Facebook having its own phone, and everything you do on the phone, even outside Facebook, is using a software platform and hardware device built by Facebook?

It’s both scary and interesting! Watch out for this trend.

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