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This news is from Google.

This is about a product called Web Stories that we had talked about earlier in our news section. Now Google has announced that this Web Stories format is starting to appear on Google search…

Source: Google

At the top of Google Search on your mobile app in certain places like US, Brazil, and India. And they have announced that this is going to start taking a prominent real estate. Just imagine, you search for something and one of the first things that will appear on Google search is that Web Story. So I highly recommend that you as a nonprofit or ministry, take a look at this feature. It’s not very complicated to create. It is just like Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories, but only it comes from your website. It’s not dependent on any social media channel. It’s there on your website and Google pulls it up and shows it as part of the search results. I will link to all of the stories and even instructions on how you can go about using the two plugins or tools that Google itself provides if you are using a WordPress website. This is something that you definitely want to pass on to your website, our media team.

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