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This news is from Walt Disney.

The final news of this week is an important one from Disney.

Walt Disney is restructuring to focus on streaming after the big success of Disney+

Source: Walt Disney

The announcement says, earlier this week, that the Walt Disney Company is doing a major restructuring of their organization to focus on their DTC (Direct to Consumer) digital streaming strategy. The announcement says, “new structure designed to further accelerate the company’s Direct to Consumer strategy in light of the rapid success of Disney+. Company’s creative engines will focus on producing content for DTC (direct to consumer) as well as legacy platforms…”. So basically what Disney is saying is, look, the theatrical release model is not very effective, so we are going to focus on direct-to-consumer using streaming platforms.

Which is similar to what you and me do, as non-profits and ministries, right? So I just wanted to bring this to your attention: the way in which this media space, this ecosystem is evolving. Of course, Disney’s production and all that is at a different level. But when it comes to distribution, we all seem to be on a similar platform – ‘we produce content, put it on a digital platform, and our consumers, or audience are able to see it.’ It’s the same for you, it is the same for me, and it’s the same for Disney as well! Of course, in a different scale, but I want you to see the pattern of how the future of media distribution is evolving.

Companies like Disney are able to see that and they’re able to take a decision, pivot and come towards this direction of digital and social media. Such exciting times! So it’s important for you to notice this and be prepared for the future to use media in an effective way for your ministry.

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