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This news is from Twitter.

Our final news of this week is from Twitter. Last week, Twitter announced the measures that they are taking to make Twitter more accessible for people with disabilities. They have added two teams. One is called the Accessibility Center of Excellence, and the other team is called Experience Accessibility Team.

Twitter Takes Steps to Make Content More Accessible, Creates New Teams.

Source: Twitter

They are going to be working on making Twitter more accessible. And coming up with features, which is what I wanted to bring to your attention. Because two things. One is, if you are a nonprofit working in that space where people need more accessibility or people with disabilities, then this is good news for you. You can pass this information onto them. Or if you are looking for new features, that includes, say voice tweet enhancements, because that is something that they released a while ago, I’m sure they’re going to continue to improve that as part of this initiative, and also things like automated captions and other features that we can expect from Twitter in the days to come, could be something that is useful for you. Do check out this news from Twitter.

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