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Our next news is from Twitter. It could be important news concerning the future of how social media channels are going to deal with misinformation. 

Source: Twitter

Twitter has taken a unique approach. It’s a community-based approach. It’s an initiative called Birdwatch, where Twitter says people will be allowed to “identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading, and write notes that provide informative context”. So basically, people can look at misleading information and write notes on that. And that notes will be available on a separate site called Birdwatch Site. Eventually, it might be available on the Tweet itself, but as of now, it will be available on a separate site. But a great initiative. Good first step. Do check it out.

Note: This news item is part of the weekly news show, The Connected Church News, that collects the Top 5 Digital and Social Media News each week for leaders of churches, ministries or christian nonprofit, and presents it to them in 5 mins.

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