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This news is from Twitter.

Our next important news is about Twitter. Last week, Twitter announced that they are rolling out the frequency caps feature within their advertising platform for almost all the advertising options that they have. 

Source: Twitter

This will be a default option and this is rolled out globally. Now, all other platforms have this option and frequency capping is basically the feature that lets you set a limit on how many times your ad is shown to a particular user within a particular time frame. And this can give you good control over the way you reach your audience, the impressions, and your budget. And in many ways, it’s a useful tool and it’s good that it is coming to a platform like Twitter, which helps you reach a wider audience. Because Twitter is integrated with television and sports and all the other types of media, even politics, etc., it becomes a very powerful platform for you to use as awareness creating platform. So having a frequency cap when you release Twitter ads could be helpful. If you use Twitter ads, definitely check out this news and pass it on to your ministry media team.

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