Hi, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today I want to talk to you about ‘spontaneous content’ on social media.

Spontaneity works on Social Media

Many times, we talk about content planning a lot. In my book, The Connected Church, I talk a lot about how to plan your content, how to have a calendar, how to have a schedule, how do you map all this out, and package it, and release it with a specific strategy, and so on. All of which is important. But I also want to talk to you about ‘spontaneous’ content. There is something amazing about ‘spontaneity’, especially on social media.

People love it because it’s authentic. It’s not produced. It’s real. It just comes out of the moment. So, as much as I highly recommend you plan your content, and have a calendar, and go by the schedule, I also want to tell you, ‘Be spontaneous’. Right?

Do a Story, Go Live or Post

And there are platforms or elements of any platform that allows you to do it. For example, on Instagram, you can have planned posts on the feed, but you can have spontaneous content on your Stories, or even on (IG) Live, you can spontaneously go Live. As a ministry leader, as a church leader, think about your spontaneous content and try to do more of those. For example, when you’re reading the Bible, and you get an inspiration, and you want to share something? Go LIVE! Go live and talk to your audience. What is there?

Focus on what you say

People don’t worry about your setup, your camera, how you look… all that, people are discounting these days. They understand that you are at home. They are all at home, they are locked down. There are many places where it’s not a ‘lockdown’, but still, you don’t have the regular setup. It’s a ‘new’ normal, remember? People know that. And people understand that. So go ahead and be yourself. Create those spontaneous content.

Spontaneous content about your insights, some revelation that you’ve had, some story that you just heard, and something that you feel that blessed people, maybe it is a leading in your spirit that you want to share with people. I would highly recommend go for it and do a LIVE, do a Story, maybe even do a post, it is ok. Or just take a quick picture of something and post it. Be spontaneous.

Mix spontaneity with planning

My idea is: mix spontaneity with planned content. Both are important for social media. You’ve got to have a nice balance between both. Planned content has to be detailed, something that’s very value-adding, that is very structured. And spontaneous content should be very spirit-led, very interesting, very inspirational, very authentic.

That is the balance you need to have between the two types of content that you create as a minister, as a church leader. I hope that was useful. I’ll see you next week with another thought. Until then, you stay connected, stay blessed, and stay safe. God bless you. Bye!

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