Hello, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today, I wanted to encourage you with respect to a valuable content source that you have in your hand, which could be a blessing to people in this uncertain season. Especially in this season where everything is uncertain. People are going through all sorts of problems around the world with the lockdowns, and shutdowns, and quarantine, etc. People have lots of questions in their mind, and guess what?, YOU have a source of content that could really answer people’s questions.

People come to social media with questions

In chapter 2 of my book, The Connected Church, I talk about The Bible being a suitable message for the digital and the social media world. If you really think about it, what are people searching for in the online space? People come and Google their questions, or they look for answers on Facebook, what are they really searching for? They’re searching for answers to life issues. People are asking questions about their relationships. They’re asking questions about how to do certain things. They have an uncertain future.

Sometimes they don’t even know that they are actually asking a question. Even though their statement doesn’t look like a ‘question’… for eg, when somebody says, “Hey, I’m having a bad day. This is all that’s happened…” basically, what they’re saying is, they are asking a question, “What should I do next?”. So if you look at social media, it is full of these instances where people ask questions. Or in other words, they’re searching for answers. And you’ve got the Bible that could answer many of people’s questions.

It can answer relational questions. It can answer spirit-based questions, mental questions, stress-related questions, anxiety-related questions. It can answer finance-relational questions. It helped me get out of an incredible amount of problems, and debt, and all these situations. And you’ve got that source of content in your hand, my friend.

Create content that answers life-questions

So go ahead and use it. Use it on social media, go all out and try to answer these questions. The best way to win on social media is by answering questions. Look out for these questions, listen carefully to your audience, whoever is your audience, wherever you are serving as a nonprofit or a ministry, listen to them carefully. find out what questions they have, then take the Bible, find the answers and speak it to them.

I’ll tell you, your ministry will start growing on social media. There’s no better strategy than to answer people’s questions on social media. Keep doing that over a period of time, you will see bigger results using digital tactics in the social media space.

God bless you. That’s all I wanted to share with you today. Have a wonderful day. I’ll see you next week with another thought from the book. Until then, you stay connected, stay blessed, and stay safe. God bless you. Bye!

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