Hello. I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today, I want to talk to you about using ‘Offline feedback mechanism’ to make your ‘Online campaigns’ better. Let me explain. In chapter 11 of my book, I talk about this offline feedback mechanism.

Ministries have an edge over commercial organizations

This is one of the things that many ministries don’t make full use of. Many online businesses don’t have this luxury of having an offline audience as well. But most ministries, unless you are an exclusive online ministry, most ministries have people that they’re already connected with. Either your church members or donors or followers or people who come to events or conferences that you organize. You already have an audience that connected with you. Not just online, but also offline.

Reach out to your offline audience for feedback

What I’m saying is, when you are planning an online campaign, let’s say you’re planning a big online campaign with multiple channels and ad budgets, and so on, take samples of this campaign and try to get a feedback from this offline audience. What that will do is: because they are so close to you, they’re connected to you, they will give you an honest feedback. So, before you even touch or spend anything on the online campaigns, you will have a feel of how it’s going to perform, because these people will give you an honest feedback.

You can do that in public events or private small groups

You can do that in conferences, events, church services, or you can do it in small groups. In both, after finishing your main agenda, then you can just circulate this idea or talk about it very casually and show people some visuals or something and ask them, “Hey, do you think this is going to work? We are planning to try something like this in the online world, do you think it’s going to work?” And people generally give fantastic feedback because this audience is a sample of the huge audience that you’re trying to reach in the online world.

Many ministries don’t make use of this strategy

Because in the online world, you can’t even see your audience, you can’t talk to anybody, you’re sometimes hitting in the dark, you’re hoping that it’s going to work. Instead of that, if you go back to our offline audience, get some feedback and implement those feedback elements into your online campaign, you will find a lot of success. This is a very niche and not-very-much-used kind of a strategy. So I would highly recommend you try it out.

You try it out and you will see that your online campaign will be much more effective. Just wanted to share that tip with you. Hope that was useful. I’ll see you next week with another ‘Thought from the Book’ until then, you stay connected, stay blessed and stay safe. God bless you. Keep trying new things in the digital world. Bye.

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